About Lisa Adams

I’ve been writing books since I was eleven-years-old. I also received my first rejection so aspiring authors, have heart and keep on keeping on. Workman Publishing suggested I look them up when I was a little older. I’m an avid reader and read as many books as I would probably devour chocolate truffles if I had half the chance.

I grew up in some of the largest cities in the world: Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, and traveled to Europe with my parents often as a child; and then not so often as an adult.  But when I did go on my own, grand adventure was afoot. French is my second language and I am also fluent in Italian.

I have explored King Arthur’s Court and the darker depths of Mordor long before the LOTR movies came out. I gained a lasting admiration for the works of James Herriot whose animal tales I love to this day and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories are the best. At Emory University, I fell in love with the medieval and renaissance works of Verlaine, Baudelaire, and Chaucer, among others. Medieval/Renaissance history was my major, and remains a favorite theme in my writing today.

It is always interesting as an author to lose yourself in another time or imaginary place where you breathe life into your characters and let them run. I have a circle of friends who are authors and I have the best time reading their latest works. I love and admire these sparks of creativity that I have been given the honor of experiencing.

Personally, I have too many dogs and cats. I share company with eagles, cougars, coyotes, deer, amazing scenery, and all the world has to offer. I love to surf and take road trips. Life is definitely good.


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