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Love to write and read books. Became an attorney - not sure why. Surfer, world traveler, vague bohemian and a general outside the box individual...and I like it that way. Makes life interesting and also makes for some good stories.

Don’t you hate it when…?

After a long hiatus, two manuscripts complete, and a third on the way, I am pleased to announce that I’m back in the land o’prose. I think I’ll stick around a while this time. I’ve been through hell and back … Continue reading

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Writing Frauds

Originally posted on J. A. Allen:
Since attending a writing social last Saturday night, something’s been seriously bugging me. Okay, not in the keeping me up at night kind of way. More in the what the hell is wrong with me…

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Time to Let Go

  When the party has started and you’re hanging out with friends, family, and loved ones, always remember the new year is a good thing.  Time to let go of everything negative, lose your worries if even for two days. … Continue reading

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Wrestling with the South

I attended Emory University during the time the institution received the “Coca Cola Money” ($100-million) and has since transformed into a giant among learning institutions. I was raised in New York City and Chicago, so the South was a mystery. … Continue reading

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Reality Does Not Bite

By far the best advice I ever received from my editor/mentor was to write a good story, you have to base part of it on your own experiences. The obvious reason is the story has to be believable. Tea with … Continue reading

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A Good Historical Story Featuring Henry VIII Written by an American?

Ye olde Englande, land of Shakespeare, King Arthur, Queen Elizabeth I, Christopher Marlowe, Dickens, Monty Python (all time favorite comedy program) and on. Among the British authors covering a subject area I happen to love are: Alison Weir (#1 favorite), … Continue reading

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The Nature of Evil in Henry VIII’s Court

“Tea with Henry” is a different Tudor-based novel insofar as it explores a side of history left, for the most part, by the wayside. It has elements both of historical fiction and a creepy, don’t turn the lights out ghost … Continue reading

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